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Dino Trophy BF Black


  • Brake freewheel with backpedal brake
  • 6-way seat adjustment
  • Off-Road Wide Tires
  • Towbar
  • Additional seat
  • Front spoiler made of plastic
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Thanks to the highest level of driving comfort and advanced technology, you can always rely on the DINO CARS Trophy BF1 to take you to your destination in complete luxury.

Comfortable comfort seats, a cool front spoiler and also the design fenders make the heart of every go-kart professional beat faster. The DINO CARS Trophy BF1 is the kart that focuses on safety and comfort.

The robust tubular steel frame and the pneumatic tires with ball-bearing off-road/wide tires are the constants for a fast-paced driving pleasure.

The 6-way seat adjustment makes the racing go-kart compatible for children and adults from 5 to 99 years.

The front swing axle with extra large stroke allows all 4 wheels to stick to the ground even on uneven race tracks .

The highlight of this go-kart is the built-in brake freewheel with coaster brake, The BF1 freewheel prevents the pedals from turning while moving forward. Riders can thus take pedalling breaks while moving forward.

This minimises the risk of injury. To drive backwards, you brake the go-kart intuitively with the pedals or with the handbrake until it comes to a stop. Then the pedals are pressed backwards. The reverse gear engages automatically.

This is pure driving pleasure and safety.

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Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 150 × 85 × 80 cm


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