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Bonnet assembly instructions

Dino Go Kart Bonnet Assembly Instructions

Here’s how to fit the bonnet on your new Dino go kart. The images are for a Dino Dragster ZF, but will apply to all similar Dino models.

Side view of the Dino Dragster. This is how your go kart should look sideways on.











The Bonnet. The picture below of the bonnet featuring the mounting brackets.











Remove the steering wheel cover carefully using a flat headed screw driver or similar.












Picture below shows the bolt connecting steering wheel to the steering adaptor.

This bolt needs to be loosened and removed in order to remove the steering wheel from the adaptor and steering column.












Below is the reverse view of steering wheel and adaptor.

Ensure that when you reconnect the steering wheel after attaching the bonnet, the adaptor fits snuggly inside the square peg of the steering wheel










Below is the view of the kart after removing steering wheel  from adaptor.














Note: the bracket had been twisted back towards me as in the photo below. This will need to be done in order to get the bonnet into the correct position of the kart












Below is the view of kart after positioning the bonnet.

Push the bracket towards the steering support tube.










Below: Moving the bracket up towards the steering support tube.

Don’t worry if the mounting does not touch the tube as this will happen when the bracket is tightened onto the tube.














Attach the connecting bracket in place and then slide up the tube as far as possible.














Once the bracket is in position tighten the screws as much as possible to secure bonnet. Do the same to the lower bracket.














Reattach the steering wheel and replace the steering wheel cover.











Job done. Enjoy your new Dino go kart!